5 Dangerous Health Effects of Tattoos

In recent years, tattoos have gained a lot of popularity among different people due to many reasons. However, tattoos come with some risks, especially if professional tattoo artists do not do them. Some complications can arise in case the instruments are not used properly or are poorly sterilized. Below are 5 dangerous health effects of tattoos:


You may be allergic to the ink used in the tattooing process. An allergic reaction can take place in your skin. Furthermore, when foreign substances are brought to your skin during the tattooing process, there may be an immunological or toxic response. The reaction can take place immediately or after years.

Tattoos can hide skin cancer

According to a report by German clinicians, they noticed some mole-like substance inside his tattoo when he came to remove it. In this case, it’ll be difficult to trace the presence of skin cancer, which makes it grow and attack other body parts.
It’s advisable to only tattoo places with no birthmarks or moles.

They affect sweating

Tattoos usually interfere with skin sweating. A tattoo will block your sweating pores and glands, leading to difficulty in cooling down your body and holding nutrients.

Increases risk of bacterial infection

A tattoo can result in bacterial infections, which can lead to erysipelas, impetigo, and septicemia. Additionally, it can cause bacterial infections being leprosy. The exposed wounds can act as pathways for infections.

Complications in case of medical procedures

Research shows that tattoos that are metal-based can have some reactions with magnetic resonance imaging studies. Therefore, before you undergo any medical procedure in your body, it’s essential to alert the doctor if you’ve got a tattoo or not.
In conclusion, these are some of the top dangerous health effects of tattoos you should know.